The new NCFM website is up and running after a long hiatus and I’m delighted to see it functional again — it has been a long time since it was fully operational and serviceable.  All credit goes to my good friend and designer, Derek Choice, for the site’s fresh look and organized structure. It is now much more streamlined and mobile-responsive than the old one.

I’m sure it will not go unnoticed that even though the NCFM Store is fully configured, you cannot order any of the products yet!  This is due to the fact the site came online sooner than I expected and I was caught off-guard! For the past year we have been selling our products via email contacts and inventory is very low right now.  It will take a few weeks for us to build up our inventory.

So, for now, we have disabled the buy buttons. If you need anything please continue to contact us via email until the inventory situation is remedied and we can make sure the ordering works seamlessly to ensure a more pleasant shopping experience for our customers.

A few parts of the website, like the FAQ section, will continue to mature over time. A lot of materials and methods have changed in the past few years and the process of building these models have also evolved.  Some of the materials we had at our disposal a few years ago are no longer available, and some are even banned by the government, altogether.  So, we must change and we will.

One advantage of having the website offline for all these months was that it put me in direct contact with old, new and potential customers.  Through these contacts, my understanding of the needs and wants of our customers has increased to the point where I should now be better equipped to tailor our products, and website, to meet those needs.

Believe me, as much as I like interfacing with enthusiastic modelers who have questions, it can be a full time job and can keep us from working in the shop, which is where we need to be.