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The Moth

An Extremely Versatile, 48″ Legend

Price: $109.00

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The Moth is one of the most versatile 48″ EPP flying wings available. It can be bungee launched and specked in flatland thermals, slam a turn and fire out the other side in slope competition, or dropped into the backside for high speed dynamic soaring.  Combine that with the “bounce-n-toss” durability of EPP foam, and The Moth has proven to be a serious racing contender, DS screamer, and an all around blast to fly!
The Moth has an extremely wide speed range!  We have hundreds of hours racked up simply in flatland thermal flight, mostly via bungee launching.  Conversely, we have thousands of hours on the slope, mountain peaks, and backside valleys.   When thermalling, The Moth is able to make extremely slow-speed, FLAT turns, without dropping a tip, due to the straight leading edge.  That same straight leading edge is also what keeps it locked in a high-g turn, when fully ballasted.   It has won many races over the past decade, for a reason.

• Excellent spiral stability
• Extremely fast and agile
• Fast and stable DS’er
• Great inverted flight
• Highly responsive
• Aerobatic in light lift
• Excellent thermal machine.
• “EPP durable”

Span: 48″
Wing Area: 336 Sq.In.
Typical Unballasted Flying Weight: 15-17 Ounces

Transmitter & Flight Gear Recommendations:

Elevon Mixing with End-Point Adjust and/or Dual Rates
Receiver: Hitec Micro 555 or smaller
Servos: (2) HS-85MG or similar size
Battery: 2/3AA Flat Pack or similar/smaller physical size



Kit Includes:


• Carbon fiber wing spar system
• 1.9lb EPP fuselage with fiberglass longeron
• 1.9lb Precision-cut, “de-slagged” EPP foam wing
• Quality, consistent weight balsa elevon material
• Basswood drag spars
• Basswood drag spar joiner
• All control horns and linkages
• Comprehensive manual with detailed graphics


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