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60″ Big Sky, Big Brother

Price: $139.00

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Simply put, if you could only have one airplane, for nearly all conditions, the M60 is it!

• Incredible stability & energy retention
• Phenomenal speed range
• Beautiful turns… slammed or carved
• Effortless inverted flight
• Highly responsive
• Great light lift performance
• Will “speck out” in thermals
• Very durable
Built to manual specs, it will sustain with agility in winds as light as 4mph… it will scream through massive, gusty, turbulent conditions like it’s on rails… it will slam a turn that is mind-blowing, and the speed and energy retention are phenomenal. It is also our favorite aircraft for Dynamic Soaring, given the ability to punch through nasty shear layers and achieve blistering speeds with the utmost stability.
If you have a chance to fly one, DO IT… you will love it! If the pilot won’t relinquish his transmitter to a stranger (which is very understandable), maybe just watch it for a little while… carving… turning… right-side up… upside-down… screaming by your head, making you want to duck (cursing at the pilot)… specking out in thermals… giant, graceful, massive, 500+ft loops… dizzying DS grooves… and all with comfort that it can handle High-G loads and serious impacts!

Span: 60″
Wing Area: 489 Sq.In.
Typical Unballasted Flying Weight: 28 Ounces

Transmitter Requirements:

Elevon Mixing with End-Point Adjust and/or Dual Rates
Receiver: Hitec Micro 555 / similar size.
Servos: (2) HS-85MG / similar size.
Battery: 600mAh / similar



Kit Includes:

• High-load carbon fiber wing spar system
• 1.9lb Precision-cut & sanded EPP foam wing
• 1.9lb EPP fuselage with fiberglass longeron
• Quality, consistent weight balsa elevon material
• Basswood drag spars
• Basswood drag spar joiner
• All control horns and linkages
• Comprehensive manual with detailed graphics

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