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Bluto Ballast Kit

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The Bluto Ballast kit allows up to 12.5 ounces of ballast, within two 6 ” brass tubes, using (10) 1″ molded lead slugs. Also included are 6 wooden dowel spacers to allow a range of 4-10 slugs and 4 molded plastic end caps.

This is a double “End-Loaded” system, and does not require notching an access bay in the brass. Each tube in installed in a wing core by inserting it into the ready-cored chamber. The inside end of each tube will be about 3/4″ away from the centerline of the wing. This allows a 1-1/2″ long access bay (3/4″+3/4″) for “chambering” the slugs. Once both tubes are filled and the ends are capped, a small piece of balsa, hardwood or foam is inserted in the access bay to press against the caps and keep the slugs in. The access bay is then taped over to keep everything snug.

This kit is designed specifically to fit the Bluto, although it can be fitted to other similar planes with minor modifications.

Each Ballast Kit Includes:

• Two 17/32 O.D. X 6 ” Brass Outer Tube @ 1/2oz +/- each.
• Ten 1″ Lead Slugs @ 35grams each
• Six 1″ Wooden Dowel Spacers
• Four Molded Plastic End Caps




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