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Blackjack Switches

Price: $12.00 Out of stock

With the male plug inserted, the plane is turned off, allowing your battery to be charged and voltage checked. To fly, simply unplug the red phone plug and the plane is turned on… put the plug in your pocket and launch!

This is an UNWIRED switch / charging jack combo. You must be comfortable with soldering tiny things into tinier places and have the ability to shrink-wrap. If not, you may want to seek the help of someone who can.

We have opted to sell just the raw parts, for a minimal price, since many pilots like to “roll their own”. (Pre-wired versions are also available online for around $25, from various sources, including shredair.com). BlackJacks are sold UNWIRED ONLY.

Click Here to View the Wiring Diagram

The Usual B.S. Disclaimer: Despite the fact that many thousands of pilots are using these little things, including us, and have not experienced any amperage problems, you may wish to contact Mouser Electronics (the supplier) and ask them a plethora of questions, if you have any concerns. We provide just the switches and defer all liability and legal responsibility to someone with more money.
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