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Our History

Who Are We?

North County Flying Machines, was founded in 2001 by longtime friends and RC enthusiasts Derek Choice and Harris Nelson.

Harris, the designer of all NCFM aircraft, scratch built his first free-flight model while still in grade school (1940s) and has been immersed in the aerodynamic realm ever since. He has a lifetime of experience in the aerospace industry and in precision model aeronautic design.

Derek, the force behind the production and promotion of the products, brought years of experience in simply getting things done, a love for flight and a dogged determination for building quality into every kit.

Conceptually they wanted to create a company that endorsed a precision-focused mindset, a fond appreciation for the beauty of unpowered flight, and a dedication to the production of high-quality and aerodynamically sound kits for the model aircraft community.  But secretly they were just hell-bent on producing slope racers that “beat the pants” off the competition!

In 2007, NCFM was acquired by Matin Taraz, the owner of Ubercraft, who was already manufacturing cutting-edge, after-market upgrades for the NCFM kits.

What Now?

The tradition started more than a decade ago still continues:

All of our aircraft are designed for maximum performance, efficiency and versatility. We are continually working to bring more new and exciting products to the market by pushing the envelope of innovation and uniqueness. This is why, when it comes to building our kits, intermediate and higher building skills are often required of our customers, owing in part to the fact that both tried and true (or old and almost forgotten!) and new and improved building techniques are routinely implemented.

What’s In A Name?

We are physically situated in the northern portion of San Diego County, usually referred to by locals as “North County”. Since most counties have a northern portion, we initially thought it would be fun to leave it ambiguous by just being “North County Flying Machines”. Unfortunately, our fun was probably not worth putting our friends and customers through the strain of typing out our web address, www.northcountyflyingmachines.com, over and over again.  For this, we apologize profusely!

We’ve been around for over a decade now and hope to continue for many more. So we really want to extend the warmest thanks possible to everyone who has helped to keep us alive and growing! Many of you have taken the time to e-mail us with pictures and descriptions of great maiden flights and how happy you are with your new bird… that is a reward beyond description! That’s the real reason we’re doing this; that’s what we are all about.


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